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A barrier can effectively assist the operation of a company by accelerating logistics. Barriers make it easy to regulate and control both access to and egress from the premises. Instead of opening/closing the gate, which would take 30-120 seconds, this can be reduced to 2-5 seconds by using the barrier.

It can be installed on a minimal foundation, almost anywhere. It is the ideal solution to control safe passage in medium to high traffic environments such as hotels, banks, shopping centres, but can also be used at the entrances of residential centres, companies and car parks where there is a constant need to control the car parking area so that only authorised users can have access.

The barrier width ranges from 3 m to 6 m, but if the access area is larger than this, up to 12 m can be blocked by placing two barriers opposite each other. The balancing system of the automatic barrier arm features unique solutions. This gives the automatic barrier a long service life even under intensive use. If required, illuminated signs can be fitted to the arms to indicate the direction of passage of the barrier. 

The barrier is only available in a motorised version, with a simple switch, a remote control or voice control. With SOMFY's Tahoma® smart home system, the product can also be controlled through SOMFY's own mobile phone app.

The product is manufactured by the French company SOMFY on its own professional production lines.

ZSOZO serves its customers as an official distributor of SOMFY and holds the "SOMFY EXPERT" certification issued by SOMFY. Thus, in addition to a premium quality product, premium service is also provided. The close cooperation as official partner means that orders can be completed within a very short timeframe and, in the event of any breakdown or damage parts can be supplied more quickly. In addition to all this, ZSOZO also offers an annual maintenance contract, which helps to minimise the risk of malfunction.

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