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ECO CRISTAL wind wall

ECO CRISTAL wind wall

The ECO Wind Curtain is primarily recommended for the terraces of private residences or restaurants. When lowered in front of terraces and balconies, it offers protection against unpleasant wind gusts and unfavorable weather conditions. The product is made from a special 0.5 mm thick transparent film, which can be combined with awning fabric if necessary. This translucent film softens when heated and can contract when cooled, which is why it is primarily recommended for use in a tensioned state.

The main advantage of the ECO Wind Curtain is that it protects against mist, wind, and rain, ensuring that the weather does not dictate how you use your favorite terrace space. Thanks to its transparent material, it does not obstruct the view and does not create a sense of confinement during use.

The product's aluminum structural elements can be painted as required. It can be mounted either on a wall or within a frame.

In terms of operation, it is available with both manual and electric actuation. For electric operation, options include a standard switch or a remote control, and it can also be operated through voice commands. With the Somfy Tahoma® home automation system, the product can become an integral part of your smart home, controlled via the Somfy mobile app. The ECO Wind Curtain is manufactured on our own professional production line at S.C. ZSOZO S.R.L., under the supervision of our qualified production staff. The raw material is supplied by Gaviota from Spain.

The products supplied by our company are attractive not only because of their quality but also due to the superior services provided with them. As our company produces and markets quality products, few repairs are needed under warranty, ensuring a long lifespan for the products. In the event of a malfunction or damage, as the product is manufactured by us, we can remedy the issue promptly, without encountering problems in providing spare parts. Additionally, S.C. ZSOZO S.R.L. offers an annual maintenance contract, further minimizing the risk of malfunction.

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