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Wooden horizontal blinds

Wooden horizontal blinds

Our wooden horizontal blinds are classic and continuously evolving components of our product range, representing a blend of retro style with modern needs. The thin wooden slats of our horizontal blinds are available in several sizes, from 25 to 50 mm. This product remains highly popular today, as it gives homes a well-defined design.

Among their main advantages are excellent shading properties, decorative appeal, and ease of use. Additionally, they create a pleasant, diffused indoor lighting due to the reflection of sunlight off the slats. Moreover, when not in use, they can be completely raised to not obstruct the view.

They are operated manually. The blinds move up and down using a cord, and another cord adjusts the horizontal tilt of the slats, depending on the desired shading effect.

Our horizontal blinds are manufactured on the professional production line of a partner company in Hungary, under the supervision of skilled production staff.

The attractiveness of our products is due not only to their quality but also to the premium services we provide with them. Since our company produces and markets quality products, very few repairs are needed under warranty, as the products have a long lifespan. In the event of a malfunction or damage, since the product is manufactured by us, we can remedy the problem in the shortest time, without encountering issues regarding the supply of spare parts.

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