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PLISSE - insect screen

PLISSE - insect screen

Our PLISSE insect screen prevents unwanted insects from infiltrating your home, while also allowing full ventilation. Easy to use, can be opened by pushing it to the side. Thanks to its design, when closed, the screen fits in a small space and is protected from any external factors. When open, its "plisse" design makes it easy to see, thus minimising the risk of someone walking through it. We recommend that it be installed preferably on the outer plane of the door, but it can also be mounted in a frame if required.

It is primarily intended for doors, but can also be an excellent choice for larger windows. One of its main advantages is that it has no spring, which makes it easy to open and close. The aluminium frame can be painted in any colour, while the insect screen's material is available in black and dark grey.

The product is operated manually.

Our PLISSE insect screens are manufactured on ZSOZO's own professional production line, under the supervision of qualified production personnel. The raw material of the frame has been provided by ALUPROF from Poland for several years now.

The appeal of the products provided by our company lies not only in their quality, but also in the premium services provided along with them. As our company manufactures and sells quality products, very few warranty repairs are needed, and our products have a long lifespan. In the event of any fault or damage, since the product is manufactured by us, we can remedy the problem in the shortest time without any problems regarding the supply of spare parts.

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