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ROLO FIX insect screen

ROLO FIX insect screen

With the ROLO FIX insect screen, you can ventilate your home or office at any time without the invasion of harmful insects. The mesh wraps around an axle positioned in a 45x45 mm cassette. It's also available with an integrated braking mechanism to prevent sudden lifting. The mesh is kept taut by two narrow "U"-shaped profiles with a special brush inside to prevent displacement caused by air currents. The bottom fixation of the product can be done either with a fixed hook or a "click-clack" system.

We recommend its use for windows, considering the available dimensions. The frame can be painted if necessary.

The product is manually operated.

Our ROLO screens are manufactured on our own professional production line at S.C. ZSOZO S.R.L., under the supervision of our skilled production staff. The raw material for the structure has been supplied by ALUPROF from Poland for several years.

The products supplied by our company are attractive not only for their quality but also for the superior services provided with them. As our company produces and markets quality products, very few repairs are needed under warranty, ensuring a long lifespan for the products. In the event of a malfunction or damage, since the product is manufactured by us, we can remedy the problem in the shortest time, without encountering issues regarding the supply of spare parts.

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