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Fire doors

Fire doors

In addition to acting as a normal door, a fire door prevents the fire from spreading between two sections in the event of an emergency. Structural materials are selected in view of maximizing compliance with the strict fire safety regulations. Depending on the design, the door can keep the fire from spreading for 30, 60, 90 or even 120 minutes.

Hörmann's fire and smoke-resistant doors are available in single and double versions.

The fire protection structures we sell are tested according to the DIN 4102 standard and are also licensed by the German Institute for Construction Technology. This makes them suitable for use in all places frequented by large numbers of people who need to be protected, in the event of an emergency, from fire or smoke, which can also be life-threatening.

The door is non-motorised, however as it can be locked in the open position by means of electromagnets, these can be released in the event of an emergency, allowing the fire door to close on its own.

The product is manufactured by the company HÖRMANN from Germany, on its own professional production lines.

ZSOZO serves its customers as the official distributor of HÖRMANN in Romania. Thus, in addition to a premium quality product, premium service is also provided. The close cooperation as official partner means that orders can be completed within a very short timeframe and, in the event of any breakdown or damage, parts can be supplied more quickly. In addition to all this, ZSOZO also offers an annual maintenance contract, which helps to minimise the risk of malfunction.

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