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Loading ramps, dock shelters, dock houses

Loading ramps, dock shelters, dock houses

We offer a variety of loading platforms that ensure friction-free loading and unloading. We also supply dock levellers, dock shelters and dock houses.

A dock leveller is designed to accurately compensate for the differences between trucks and docks of different heights. With two lift cylinders and a tongue cylinder, the high-reliability hydraulics performs excellently in all situations. They are easy and safe to use, as the dock levellers have automatic emergency shut-off valves in the pre-cylinders.

Dock shelters protect the goods to be loaded from the elements, save energy costs and prevent unpleasant draughts. Tarpaulin dock shelters adapt to all truck sizes, which makes them universally applicable. The high quality top and side tarpaulins are mounted on a galvanised frame that can be pushed in, resulting in a stable, flexible, tear-resistant structure.

Dock houses are positioned in front of the relevant bay, so that the interior of the bay can be fully utilised right up to the outer wall. A complete dock house consists of a platform with dock leveller, wall and ceiling cladding and a loading dock with dock shelter.

When used in combination with thermally insulated industrial doors, dock houses are particularly recommended for the loading of temperature-sensitive goods. Trucks can dock at a 90  angle or at an acute angle if they are offset to the side. Dock houses can be used as single or interconnected units.

The product is manufactured by the company HÖRMANN from Germany, on its own professional production lines.

ZSOZO serves its customers as the official distributor of HÖRMANN in Romania. Thus, in addition to a premium quality product, premium service is also provided. The close cooperation as official partner means that orders can be completed within a very short timeframe and, in the event of any breakdown or damage parts can be supplied more quickly. In addition to all this, ZSOZO also offers an annual maintenance contract, which helps to minimise the risk of malfunction.

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