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EXPERT roller blinds

EXPERT roller blinds

Roller blinds EXPERT is available in dimensions ranging from a minimum width of 300 mm and a height of 300 mm, to a maximum width of 1950 mm and a height of 1800 mm, with a 25 mm thick axle, serves as a discreet element in interior spaces, providing both shade and privacy. It can be mounted on windows, walls, or ceilings, and comes in a wide variety of colors.

One of the product's main advantages is that while it has excellent shading properties, it can fit in a small space, even beyond the curtain. In addition, it adds a decorative touch and is easy to use.

It is operated manually with the help of a beaded chain.

Our roller blinds are manufactured on ZSOZO's own professional production line, under the supervision of qualified production personnel. The raw material for the frame is purchased from the Czech Republic, while the fabric is provided by Czech, Dutch and German manufacturers.

The appeal of the products provided by our company lies not only in their quality, but also in the premium services provided along with them. As our company manufactures and sells quality products, very few warranty repairs are needed and our products have a long lifespan. In the event of any fault or damage, since the product is manufactured by us, we can remedy the problem in the shortest time without any problems regarding the supply of spare parts.

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