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Industrial High-speed Doors

Industrial High-speed Doors

As the name suggests, industrial high-speed doors open and close quickly, at high speeds, ensuring very short opening and closing times. This prevents cold, heat, dust or smoke from passing from one sector to another. Industrial high-speed doors can be used for a very wide range of applications and can even be installed in small spaces thanks to their construction.

In addition, high-speed gates optimise the smooth flow of traffic both inside and outside, improve the indoor climate and save energy. Key benefits also include the SoftEdge technology with integrated Anti-Crash impact protection, which makes flexible high-speed gates even safer and more economical. They can also be used as exterior doors, in which case a high-speed spiral door with double-walled PU insulating panels is recommended, which provides excellent thermal insulation.

Due to the application area, the product is only available in a motorised version.

The product is manufactured by the company HÖRMANN from Germany, on its own professional production lines.

ZSOZO serves its customers as the official distributor of HÖRMANN in Romania. Thus, in addition to a premium quality product, premium service is also provided. The close cooperation as official partner means that orders can be completed within a very short timeframe and, in the event of any breakdown or damage parts can be supplied more quickly. In addition to all this, ZSOZO also offers an annual maintenance contract, which helps to minimise the risk of malfunction.

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